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Vacation_Care_Booking_Form_2016-17.pdfVacation_Care_Booking_Form_2016-17107 KB
Vacation_Care_Excursion_Permission_Form_2016-17.pdfVacation_Care_Excursion_Permission_Form_2016-17177 KB
Vacation_Care_Program 2016-17.pdfVacation_Care_Program 2016-17634 KB
Prep Curriculum Plan 2018.pdfPrep Curriculum Plan 2018806 KB
Year 1 Curriculum Plan 2018.pdfYear 1 Curriculum Plan 2018789 KB
Year 2 Curriculum Plan 2018.pdfYear 2 Curriculum Plan 2018909 KB
Year 3 Curriculum Plan 2018.pdfYear 3 Curriculum Plan 2018965 KB
Year 4 Curriculum Plan 2018.pdfYear 4 Curriculum Plan 2018854 KB
Year 5 Curriculum Plan 2018.pdfYear 5 Curriculum Plan 2018915 KB
Year 6 Curriculum Plan 2018.pdfYear 6 Curriculum Plan 2018941 KB
Booklists KSS YEAR 1 2019.pdfBooklists KSS YEAR 1 2019777 KB
Booklists KSS YEAR 2 2019.pdfBooklists KSS YEAR 2 2019704 KB
Booklists KSS YEAR 3 2019.pdfBooklists KSS YEAR 3 2019714 KB
Booklists KSS YEAR 4 2019.pdfBooklists KSS YEAR 4 2019714 KB
Booklists KSS YEAR 5 2019.pdfBooklists KSS YEAR 5 2019711 KB
Booklists KSS YEAR 6 2019.pdfBooklists KSS YEAR 6 2019711 KB
Booklists KSS YEAR PREP 2019.pdfBooklists KSS YEAR PREP 2019704 KB
2017 snapshot-report-KenmoreSS.pdf2017 Investing for Success Snapshop Report 2017 snapshot-report-KenmoreSS623 KB
Audit-KenmoreSS-2013-Executive-Summary.pdfAudit Executive Summary 2013Audit-KenmoreSS-2013-Executive-Summary114 KB
Audit-fact-sheet-for-parents-and-carers.pdfAudit Fact Sheet for Parents and CarersAudit-fact-sheet-for-parents-and-carers358 KB
Discipline-Audit-Kenmore SS-ExecutiveSummary-2014.pdfDiscipline Audit - Executive SummaryDiscipline-Audit-Kenmore SS-ExecutiveSummary-2014286 KB
Discipline-Audit-KSS-Profile.pdfDiscipline Audit - KSS ProfileDiscipline-Audit-KSS-Profile176 KB
Discipline_Audit_Parents_and_Carers_fact_sheet.pdfDiscipline Audit - Parents and Carers Fact SheetDiscipline_Audit_Parents_and_Carers_fact_sheet199 KB
Enrolment-project_consent.pdfEnrolment - Project Consent FormEnrolment-project_consent350 KB
Enrolment-state-school-consent-form.pdfEnrolment - State School Consent FormEnrolment-state-school-consent-form260 KB
Enrolment_application_v7.pdfEnrolment application v7Enrolment_application_v7336 KB
Enrolment-Chaplaincy-Consent.pdfEnrolment Chaplaincy Consent FormEnrolment-Chaplaincy-Consent101 KB
KSS International Students Information Handbook 071118.pdfInternational Students Information HandbookKSS International Students Information Handbook 0711182984 KB
Kenmore Annual Implementation Plan 2017.pdfKenmore Annual Implementation Plan 2017Kenmore Annual Implementation Plan 2017702 KB
Kenmore Annual Implementation Plan 2018.pdfKenmore Annual Implementation Plan 2018Kenmore Annual Implementation Plan 2018570 KB
Parent KSS Events master 2018.pdfKenmore SS Annual Parent Calendar 2018Parent KSS Events master 2018387 KB
Kenmore SS Dress Code.pdfKenmore SS Dress CodeKenmore SS Dress Code464 KB
KSS_Refund_Guidelines.pdfKenmore SS Refund GuidelinesKSS_Refund_Guidelines160 KB
KSS_Refund_Request.pdfKenmore SS Refund RequestKSS_Refund_Request153 KB
FINAL 0923_Kenmore_SS_sar2017.pdfKenmore State School Annual Report 2017FINAL 0923_Kenmore_SS_sar20171571 KB
Kenmore SS attendance-policy.pdfKenmore State School Attendance PolicyKenmore SS attendance-policy324 KB
KSS_hire-agreement-school-facilities.pdfKenmore State School Facility Hire AgreementKSS_hire-agreement-school-facilities381 KB
KSS_School_Map.pdfKenmore State School MapKSS_School_Map246 KB
Teaching-and-learning-audit-2013.pdfKenmore State School Teaching and Learning Audit 2013Teaching-and-learning-audit-2013361 KB
KenmoreSS_enrolment_agreement.pdfKenmoreSS_enrolment_agreementKenmoreSS_enrolment_agreement170 KB
KSS 2018 Investing for Success I4S agreement signed copy.docxKSS 2018 Investing for Success AgreementKSS 2018 Investing for Success I4S agreement signed copy170 KB
Responsible Behaviour Plan_FINAL_v1.pdfResponsible Behaviour Plan Responsible Behaviour Plan_FINAL_v11859 KB
KenmoreSS_School_Enrolment_Management_Plan.pdfSchool Enrolment Management PlanKenmoreSS_School_Enrolment_Management_Plan2059 KB
Tuckshop_Menu.pdfTuckshop_MenuTuckshop_Menu144 KB
Uniform_order_form.pdfUniform Order FormUniform_order_form178 KB